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"Two Hands" Rockets to #4 on the Charts - Sale-a-bration!
August 25, 2010 3:53 pm
Two HandsWhen "Two Hands" was released last fall, I hired a radio promoter and sent out hundreds of copies to radio stations all over the continent. But the promoter disappeared with my money, and all the CDs I sent out went unopened, unheard, and unloved.

So this summer I hired a promoter who has an actual physical address (note: don't trust P.O. Boxes in the Cayman Islands), and I've sent out another few hundred CDs. This time the results are stunning. Stations around the world are playing it and loving it, and it zoomed to #4 on the New Age charts for the month of July!

In celebration, I'm having a sale calculated to get "Two Hands" into the ears, the minds, and yay, the very playlists of every man and woman who reads these words.

From now to the end of September, you can either download or get the CD version of "Two Hands" for a mere $8. Click Here for downloads, or Here for CDs. It's that simple.

Those of you who have already demonstrated your love of and belief in this beautiful music - I thank you. And I ask, nay, I exhort you to tell all your friends, acquaintances and yes, even your enemies about this music. You'll glow in the feeling that comes from sharing something good.

May autumn leaves pour gold upon you - Gunnar