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The future of futuristic music

Head-bopping heart-stopping regular regular super

Tonight we’re gonna party.

Jazztronica, Experimental Electronic, Funkatronik, IDM

If you like:  Nerve Net;  Clap! Clap!;  Plaid;  rAHHH;  Teeth Agency;  Vegyn;  Rian Treanor;  Four Tet;  Herbie Hancock;  Photay;  Sophie

Music composed by MCMGM
Mixing: MCMGM
Mastering:  Myles Boisen

Special thanks to: 
Øystein Halvorsen (NRK) “Try a harder and more prominent kick”

Brendan Milburn “Make it Wetter” and “Valhalla software – gotta try it”

Kent Sparling “Yes to pseudonyms – Because it’s fun!

The SFEMM meetup group “Kidday MUST have a ride cymbal, and let the drums go crazy in the middle”

Prof. Dean Suzuki, Ph.D minimalist (SFSU) – for broad inspiration and record label ideas

Lindsay Ballard – generous genre help.