Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

Ants in my Pants

I got ants in my pants
Nobody seems to understand
It is so hard to sit still
and wait until
The teacher sees you wave your hand
I got to got to got to go
yeah everybody don’t you know
I got the ants…in my pants
The teacher tells me to be quiet
He says “Sit in that chair”
He pretends he never had ants
In his pants
He acts like he don’t even care
I’d like to give him all my ants
And then I’d watch him do a dance
(all the way to france!)
I’d put my ants…in his pants

I wish I wish I could be calm
To be serene would be sublime
I would sit and read books
Wouldn’t get no dirty looks
I’d be contented all the time
But no matter how I try
I just can’t be that kind of guy
Fish gotta swim
And birds gotta fly
And if I don’t get to move I’m gonna die

I got the itches in my britches
And yet I’m told to settle down
I’m gonna bust all the stitches
In my britches
If I don’t’ get to move around
Yeah there’s an itch I’ve gotta scratch
I can’t sit here like I’m a chicken waitin’ for an egg to hatch
I’ve got itches
In my britches
I’ve got ants
In my pants

© 2001 Gunnar Madsen All rights reserved. Used by permission. Mop Mop Music ASCAP
Piano, handclaps, voices, drum and bass programming – GM