Crowing, crowing…gone

Crowing, crowing…gone

Proud CrowGoodbye, little crow…

On the ides of May, I found the little crow dead. The parents had already gotten the news, and though they still hung around in the trees for a couple of days, they no longer cawed or circled overhead. I missed their fierce protectiveness. I picked up the crow with a plastic bag, it was so very light. It’s gone now.

An amazing couple of weeks. On May 1 I was out jogging, and about 25 minutes into my jog I had a brief zzzt, a blip where I lost consciousness. I remember turning my head to the right as I came to a cross street to check for traffic, and then the briefest moment of ‘static’, and when I came to I felt like I’d missed a moment of life. Very strange feeling. Heck, I’m wired differently from most people, my fibromyalgia sends electricity shooting up and down my body from time to time, my thoughts are often a little out of left field, but this was a totally new sensation.

Electric HeadAnyway, I kept jogging, but the same thing happened again. So I walked the rest of the way home, felt light-headed. For a few days felt kind of dizzy, so I went to the doctor. She listened to my heart, sounded fine. She explained what it probably was, an electrical misfiring of the heart. Then she had an EKG machine rolled in, just to check and see if everything was okay.

NOT, apparently. She said it looked like I’d had a heart attack. Whoa. But I always take everything with a grain of salt (metaphorically speaking only- I’ve got to watch my blood pressure!), so I chilled on the freak-out, left that all to her. She was freaked, I’ll tell you. So I was sent for a bunch more testing. Carotid artery free and clear, stress test checked out normal, cardiologist says it doesn’t look like a heart attack, looks like I’m fine. Whatever happened while jogging was just ‘something’. Nothing to worry about.

Okay. I’m cool. Still, it was a couple of weeks of uncertainty. And much of that time I had crows cawing and swooping at me. Enough to give a guy a heart attack!

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