Wedding Lover “Vows” to use Gunnar’s Music

Wedding Lover “Vows” to use Gunnar’s Music

Take a tip from the pros – if you’re planning a wedding, get the wedding music that hard-core wedding afficianados get – Music by Gunnar Madsen. From “News of the World”:

Andrea Tsarbos makes wedding plans despite no groom in sight

Beautiful WeddingLondon, Aug 4,2008 (ANI): She might be looking for a groom, but Andrea Tsarbos, from Britain has already planned her dream wedding to the last. Lack of a fiance hasn’t stopped 23-year-old Andrea from planning every last detail of her wedding, including the lingerie she’ll wear on her wedding night. “I know people think it’s mad I’ve planned my wedding when I’m single, but I’ve not been able to help myself,” News of the World quoted her as saying.

“I’m passionate about weddings. I daydream about my own and it’s developed into a full-blown plan. “Of course I need a groom before I get married, but I’ll meet Mr Right one day. In the meantime, why not start preparing?”

She devotes much of her spare time on planning her wedding. “I think about it when I’m walking to and from work and when I’m at the gym. I talk about it with my future bridesmaids. If a magazine has covered a celebrity wedding, I’ll make a beeline for it and pore over the photos.”

She has chosen a waltz by Gunnar Madsen for her first dance, but concedes she may let her groom select his music. “It would be lovely to have a special song I share with my husband-to-be,” she said. “I’m not a brilliant dancer so I would consider having lessons to make sure our first dance was perfect,” she added. She has also planned a lavish champagne cocktail reception. (ANI)

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