Father/Son Rock/Roll

Father/Son Rock/Roll

I’ve been too busy to blog, people. Busy flying to NY to record the band tracks for the cast recording of The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World (due out later next year), busy helping my son step up to the world of 4th grade and homework, and busy collaborating with my son on a new rock album – “Slime” by Max Invasion – which is out NOW (free download for the first 200 customers).

Max Invasion CD cover Q came up with the whole shebang. He sings lead and is the lyricist. He composes many of the musical riffs, chooses the guitar tones and effects, and sets the tempo and mood. I play all the instruments (except claves) and come up with extra musical ideas that match his descriptions.

This isn’t like anything I’ve done before. Firstly, Quinn wanted to really rock out (I tend to make music on the gentler side). 2nd, I usually to want to perfect things. Quinn’s not like that, he wants to move on. So “Slime” is rough, we work fast (it’s usually just one take for each track), but that gives the whole thing a sense of urgency and a true garage feel. 3rdly, as a singer I’m rather tuneful and sweet. Q comes more from the Lou Reed school of getting the words across. The result is the grittiest rock I’ve ever head from a 9 year old (and his ageless father). This ain’t your papa’s Donnie Osmond, man.



Quinn Madsen halloween 2011Check out songs 5, 6 and 7 (“Monster Truck”, “Seed” and “Happy Life”). The cool beginning of “Monster Truck”, where the music sounds small and tinny and then blossoms into full-on heaviness? The rockin’ riff? That’s all Quinn. On “Seed”, I wrote and played to his specs – he chose the Fender Rhodes sound, and the Stephen Stills tone for the guitar leads. “Happy Life” was a not-quite-ready-for-primetime riff and mood. There was something good in it, but it wasn’t working. Q came to it fresh a few days later and heard (and dictated) the verse sections, and built up the swirling noise and synths at the end, and Presto! We had ourselves a powerful bit of pop.

So, download “Slime” now (while it’s still free)! Once the free downloads are gone, you’ll have the chance to name your own price for this little hunk of rock n’ roll history.

(FYI, you don’t HAVE to download to enjoy – The Max Invasion “Slime” link allows you to listen to the entire album on any device. Downloading is allowed on all devices except iPhones or iPads (Apple only allows downloads from iTunes on iOS hardware).

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