Collab with my son

Collab with my son

5 years ago, when our son was 9 years old, he became interested in writing music and songs. He was a very good beat-boxer, and a fearless vocalist, but he didn’t know how to play any instruments. That’s where I came in. He would tell me the tempo, help select a drum loop, sing me the guitar and/or keyboard parts and I’d play them until he’d say “yeah, that’s it” and we’d record it. He worked fast – most songs were completed in one or two hours. Once all the tracks were laid down, he would improvise a vocal – usually one take. He had the outline of the lyrics in mind before starting the recording, but never wrote them down, and it was apparent that he was just letting them flow as he sang them. This is one of the quieter songs he wrote:

He also designed and made the cover art for his albums. We did 3 releases together before he decided he wanted to learn how to write music all on his own, and since then he writes all his melodies and arrangements inside the computer. No more Dad 🙁

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