Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Gunnar & son readingHere’s a note of thanks for the year just past. Thanks for a son who is insatiably curious and who has a fantastic sense of humor. Thanks for a partner who also has a fantastic sense of humor, and is a polar opposite of me (and is thus a marvelous balancing force). Thanks for the elegant and soul-filling experience of recording “Two Hands” this past spring. Thanks for the energy to do the recording, and the fathering, and all the little chores that are a part of this life. Thanks for the support of fans, who allow me to make a living at what I love. Thanks for all the teachers and caregivers in my son’s life.

While the year has presented many challenges, it was filled with much light, and I am grateful for it.

May we all be blessed with a good year to come.

Love, Gunnar.

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