Woman Sings to Become Trump's 4th Wife!

Woman Sings to Become Trump's 4th Wife!

With this year’s resistable rise of Mr. T(rump), I got inspired by the question “What do women see in him?”.  Some lyrics soon followed, then a melody, now a recording.  The Bandcamp player on the left allows High Fidelity downloads, the Soundcloud player on the right gives Good Enough fidelity – either way allows sharing:

The song hearkens back to the songwriting style of The Bobs, though this time it ain’t acapella.  Kind of a Goldfinger-y big band 60’s pop vibe.  Old pal Laurie Amat (famed as an avant-gardist, collaborator with The Residents, and singer of overall repute) signed on to be the lead singer, and delivered big-time, with a big, bold, brassy sound.  You can share it, post it, download it – it’s yours to keep as our gift to you!
Trump Boy
With all the political stormclouds hanging over us, a bit of levity is in order.  And some understanding – people seem to want desperately to be saved, in a big way, a romantic way, an impossible way.  Their yearnings aren’t wrong, but the object of their affection – This year’s Mr. T – is some kind of awful.nazi babar
Special big thanks to Dann Fink, Richard Bob Greene, and Joshua Raoul Brody for valuable input/feedback/help in the writing and production of Great Again!

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