The Ultimate Rejection Letter

The Ultimate Rejection Letter

I used to dream of being on a major label. When I was with The Bobs we dreamed of it, and held out for a few years, waiting for the offer that never came. (That’s one reason there was such a long wait between our 1st and 2nd releases). When I left The Bobs and ‘went solo’, I was still pretty green as a songwriter and singer, and my demos from back then are, in retrospect, not great -The major labels were wise to pass on me. But I had chutzpah, and I sent my demos out in the world with confidence in my talents. I was going for a major label deal!

Capitol Records RejectionSome people in the record industry were kind, and recognized my potential while politely declining a contract. A few were more brash and brutal in their dismissal, and most simply didn’t return phone calls. But one guy in particular sent a form letter that purported to help me (and countless others) figure out what was ‘wrong’ with their music.


So nice of Tom to offer his assistance!

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