Easy Listening for Advanced Listeners – Summer Sounds!

Easy Listening for Advanced Listeners – Summer Sounds!

This is an ear-worm from my childhood that I never knew the name of, just one of those cheesy instrumentals from the late 50’s and early 60’s that played everywhere, all the time.  When I was fiddling with some Eastern sampled instruments a few years back it’s the melody that came to hand, and I put it in 5/4, recorded a quick version and sent it off to some friends for a laugh. 

I just happened across it again today, and was inspired to share it with you.  The tune?  “The Theme from A Summer Place” which, according to StereoGum, “ended up dominating the Billboard Hot 100 for a good chunk of 1960, selling more records than any other single that year and, for good measure, winning the Grammy for Record Of The Year… It is the most popular instrumental song in history.”  Will it now be the surprise reprise of the Summer of 2019?!  Share it with your friends, make something go viral, baby!

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