I’m Alive!!!

I’m Alive!!!

Gunnar as Singing Telegram Oddity circa 1980I’m alive, baby. I’m vibrating at ultra-high frequencies, even. Below are 4 reasons why you haven’t heard from me lately:

1. Rewrite of The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World for another reading at Playwright’s Horizons in late April. They’re excited about the play, I’m excited about the rewrite, it’s a lot of work.

2. Writing music and sound design for a new video game. It’s great fun to go back and forth from writing music for a musical to writing music for a horror-genre video game. Variety is the spice of life.

3. The promoter I hired to get “Two Hands” to radio and press ran off with my money and left the project stranded. I’m filing legal papers against her (in case she tries to bamboozle YOU, her name is Kathryn Monohan – be warned!), and meanwhile gearing up to re-issue the CD with a different and much more reputable promoter. It’s no small amount of work to launch a recording, and I’ve got to do it twice 🙁

4. I’m a stay-at-home dad with a wonderfully intensive boy to tend. I’ve got my hands full even if 1-3 above were not brewing, you know?

In further news, my 2001 film “Svetlana Village: The Camphill Experience in Russia” is now available on DVD and for download HERE. And, “Two Hands” is one of 5 nominees in the IMA’s Vox Pop awards. Please cast your vote for “Two Hands” by rating it on my home page in the IMA widget. Just click on the stars!

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