Amphibian Shake

Amphibian Shake

Amphibian Shake Cover Art

Amphibian Shake – Gunnar Madsen (feat. MCMGMA Delhi-flavored pumphouse of energy and whooshing soundscapes

While the world spins on its axis and we all hold on to keep from being thrown off, I continue calming myself by making dance-able music.  I have come full circle musically.  In high school I used to thrill myself (and probably annoy others) by dancing in a cathartic frenzy at parties, beating myself against a beat, collapsing sweaty on the floor.  Recordings of the funky Tower of Power and the gutty Rolling Stones offered me a release that I loved.  When, by dint of nothing, I was accepted into the music program at UC Berkeley, the instruction there took me in new directions – classical, jazz, and theatre.  I briefly played piano in a funky unit (Amanda Hughes and Energy) in a gay bar on Polk Street, but the success of The Bobs took me away from instruments of any kind.  Forty years on, we’ve got the funk again.

So it’s no surprise to me to find myself writing dance music.  But so many of you know me for my off-the-wall Bobs stuff, or my funny Family stuff, or my charming and sentimental Waltzes.  Those are all true parts of my musical and emotional self.  The self has many facets, here comes another one.


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A freaky stoner’s look down the barrel of eternity.

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