New GM music – on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud

New GM music – on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud

Happy Ttrump
Mr. T

“Great Again!” got a whirlwind of postings/repostings via Facebook, BandCamp and SoundCloud, and it’s just been released on Spotify, iTunes, and other heavyweight commercial carriers. It was also featured on the redoubtable Dr. Demento Show 🙂
Since the song’s release, Mr. Trump has gone so much further than was thought possible, and he may well have killed off the idea of irony. Oh my stars…
I’m very busy writing music these days, and will be posting new songs and musical works pretty much every week on Soundcloud. There’ll be something for everyone, even lovers of the ancient outmoded ironic.

This week’s piece is a lovely, mysterious and sad bit of soundtrack, titled “Doubt”. Put it on loop and let it play in the background for a while…

Winners of the Donald J Trump Spelling Bee in Flatlands, CA

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