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Scat Attack
May 11, 2009 1:01 pm

Back in December, my pal Tito Uquillas, who has a hip rock group for kids called The Hipwaders, asked if I'd do a guest vocal on his upcoming EP release "Goodie Bag". I love Tito and his band's work, they have a real groove goin' on. Tito digs Captain Beefheart and other 'other' musical genres, and it all bubbles up into the stuff he's doing.

So, he came over to my studio and had me improvise a bunch of scatting over the tracks for his song "Goodie Bag". It was a blast, and in an hour we had some pretty cool-sounding vocals. Here's my part:

The Titan of Tenors? The Gepetto of Falsetto? I'm happy with those monikers...