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Post Reviews Please
April 07, 2008 11:39 am

Some really fine reviews and notices for I'm Growing have been coming in. Emails of appreciation from people like you, and reviews from newspaper, magazines and blogs. I'm so glad people are liking it and hip to it.

It's especially sweet when a reviewer not only likes it, but seems to understand why I had to make this cd. From zooglobble, the reviewer writes: "One of the things I like most about the kids' music genre is the feeling that artists are following their own muse, no matter how skewed, when they jump in...Which brings me to Gunnar Madsen."

Or this, from KidsMusicThatRocks: "It's incredibly interesting to see how the course of Madsen's life affected the development of these particular tunes: Madsen didn't simply make up and throw together a bunch of songs just to have a kids' album on the market."

Makes me feel all warm and cuddly!

But I still need help getting the word out to more people. Will you help?

Post your own review on iTunes or Amazon or CDBaby. Just click on a link to post your review and/or comments. Add your voice to some of these blog reviews:

"Brilliant arrangements and performances. Period. And funny! And fun! And entertaining for everyone in the family! What more could a kid and his grownups want?" - KidsMusicThatRocks.blogspot.com

"Deliciously good music" - Thingamababy.com

"The best "Beethoven's Wig" piece never written" - Zooglobble.com

"Overall, this one disappoints" - OutWithTheKids.blogspot.com

"Spirited, quirky children's CD" - CommonSenseMedia.org

I am deeply grateful for all your support. Making music is a huge part of my life, and I couldn't be doing it without people like you!

love and peace,