Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

Tuna Fish

Tuna Fish
My parents named me Tuna Fish
It was my mother’s dearest wish
That Tuna Fish be my name
(My Name)
Other boys
Have normal names like Siegfried or Roy
Because I was my mother’s joy
She named her boy for a fish
(Tuna Fish)
It’s not a bad name, it has a je ne sais quoi
It’s a name that people remember
But on the playground when they yell
“Are you cooked or are you raw!?”
I cry, and it’s cold as December
Tuna Fish
It’s not like it’s my favorite dish
But you can call me Tuna Fish
For truly thish is my name
(My Name)
©2000 Gunnar Madsen Mop Mop Music ASCAP All rights reserved. Used by permission.