Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

Mayonnaise and Pumpernickel Bread

Mayonnaise and pumpernickel bread
Put a silver dollar on your head
If you see a ghost
give it buttered toast
Most of all the ghosts are underfed
Hocka doodle ee, hocka doodle ay
Hocka doodle doo doo doo
Hocka doodle me, hocka doodle they
Hocka doodle you you you
Bounce a little baby on your knee
March it all the way to Tripoli
Goo goo ga ga goo
That’ll have to do
Baby gonna burp and poop and pee
Hocka doodle ee…
Pass the peas and toss the salad high
Toast your host until your glass is dry
Let us bless the food
Full of gratitude
Later on we’ll have a punkin’ pie
Hocka doodle ee…
Shoot the moon and whistle at a star
Jump to Jupiter in a rocket car
Soon you’ll be asleep
Countin’ wooly sheep
In your dreams you’re gonna travel far
© 2001 Gunnar Madsen All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Mop Mop Music ASCAP