Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

The Evelyn Way

Evelyn was the most happiest pig
Rollin’ in the mud, chewin’ on a twig
Loungin’ half the day, playin’ til late at night
Evelyn was my guiding light
She taught me to live and enjoy every day
Now I live life the Evelyn way!
Well you roll to the left then ya roll to the right
When you’re covered in mud then ya lie in the sunlight
Bake til you’re done then yawn and say:
Haw, haw, heeee, the Evelyn Way!
Put your tail in the air and your nose to the ground
If you smell something good make a piggy-back sound say
Root, root, root, and grunt, grunt, grunt, and
Haw, haw, heeee, the Evelyn Way!
Ya got a nose like a nickel
(a nose like a nickel)
A piece a pepperoni in your ear
And though your feet get pickled
(your feet get pickled)
You know they’re gonna taste real good with beer (Beer!)
(They’ll taste even better with Root Beer!)
So learn to live with a grunt and a squeal
Put a smile on your face and eat a big meal
Don’t work too hard, relax and play!
Haw haw hee–The Evelyn Way!
© 1990 Gunnar Madsen All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Mop Mop Music ASCAP