Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

The Dinosaur Song

Dinosaurs were here and now they’re gone
Nobody has seen one for a long time
Pterodactyls, Brontosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Isn’t it interesting how the world has changed?
Dinosaurs ate plants and some ate meat
And worms and roots and things that we don’t eat
Some had duck bills, some had wings, all of them laid eggs
Isn’t it interesting how the world has changed?
Had two brains but was very dull
One in his tail and one in his skull
Horns and spikes all over his back
Flattened his enemies with a whack
He was a giant, forty feet high
Feet in the swamp, head in the sky
He had his nose on top of his head
When he sneezed, all the animals fled
He weighed 60,000 pounds
Thundering footsteps shook the ground
The swamp was where he liked to stay
Day after day after day after day
Flew by gliding through the air
Animal, vegetable, he didn’t care
Everything to him was lunch
Tasty treats to find and munch
But everyone hit the decks
When they saw Tyrannosaurus Rex
He looked to his left, he looked to his right
Always itching for a fight
Always ready for a bite
Anytime, day or night
He ate EVERYTHING in sight
But don’t worry, you’ll never see him
Unless you go with your mom and dad to the museum…
Cause dinosaurs went someplace no one’s sure
Nobody can find them anymore
Seeing just their footprints, bones and fossils sure is strange
Isn’t it interesting how the world can change?
© 1985 Richard Greene, Elizabeth Greene, Gunnar Madsen and Ruth Young
All rights reserved. Used by permission. Best of Breed Music ASCAP