Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

Lunch is in a Paper Bag

Lunch is in a paper bag
A wrinkled brown one, a lost and found one
It’s the kind of lunch I’ve always had
They won’t sit near ‘ya in the cafeteria
Anyone would feel a little sad
If every day they held a paper bag
It’s helpless, and it’s hopeless, and it’s mad
To find yourself at the bottom of a helpless hopeless bag…
But If I had a lunchbox you would notice me
You would look my way you would finally see
And If I had a lunch box you would take my hand
You would walk with me, you would understand
If I had a lunchbox! For a thousand years
We would be together, there’d be no more tears!
We could share a lunchbox
A locker and a lunchbox
A cottage and a lunchbox
A life and a lunchbox
Is that so very much to ask?…
Lunch is in a paper bag
And I am lonely, and you’re the only one for me
©2018 Gunnar Madsen/ASCAP
GM: Voices, Bass, Piano, guitars, and drum programming.