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But not JUST for kids!
“You’ve applied the Malcolm Gladwell approach to expert eating!!!”
PL, Los Angeles

“You are what you eat, after all. And if what you eat if half as good as this album, then you’re excellent.”
~Cherry Blossoms/The Blog
“The lyrics are awesome! I have to say that I’ve never heard an album for kids that is quite like this.”
~Mama To Mama
“…one of the most intriguing (and aurally edible) of 2018. Bon appetit!”
~Geek Dad
“… the phrase “Ten thousand pancakes!” will randomly pop up in your head for at least a week after hearing the track..”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if families sang this together in the car. Or in the bath. Or kitchen. Or, best yet, on their next trip to a farm.”
~Atomic Fangirl


Fast Food? Okay, maybe. What if it’s too fast?

The Doors’ Jim Morrison relives his childhood trauma at a picnic gone “bad”.

What if food could talk – and what if we really are what we eat?

10,000 Screaming Pancakes can’t be wrong!

A hungry village in Japan finds relief as the sky rains sardines. Special guest Frances England on vocals.

Are cows truly contented? In a pasture last year I posed this question to a herd, and they gave me deep and meaningful looks. I’ve tried to put their answer into words here.

The poetry of food, set to music!