Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM


Coming June 15, 13 delicious new songs from the Chef of Haute Song Cuisine. For now, sink your teeth into 10,000 pancakes - Listen to this song sizzle! Or watch it rise in the hilarious a la carte video. Watch the other charming and hilarious toe-tapping videos below as they're released, and pre-order your album now so you won't be hungry and without a reservation come the ides of June.

Nude Food!   Crude Food!   Dude Food!

What if food could talk - and what if we really are what we eat?

Are cows truly contented? Is life nothing but sweet clover? The answer is simple.

A hungry village in Japan finds relief as the sky rains sardines. Special guest Frances England on vocals.

Egg Salad in the Sun from Gunnar Madsen on Vimeo.

Mood Food!   'Tude Food!   Stewed Food!