I Am Your Food wins Parent’s Choice Gold!

I Am Your Food coverToday the winners of the Parent’s Choice Audio Awards were announced, and am pleased and proud to say that “I Am Your Food” won their highest commendation, the Gold award.  Only 6 others pulled down the gold ring (my friend and guest artist Frances England won for her latest release “Blue Skies and Sunny Days“).  The Parents’ Choice Award is a respected, distinguished yet unstuffy honor.  If I may crow for moment, every single one of my silly albums have won the Gold award, all 4 of them!  Caw, caw, caw!  (That’s me crowing on my soapbox perch).

I am deeply grateful for all the support I’ve received over the years for my work – fans, friends, family.  Life continues to be fulfilling and deep and pleasurable.  Thanks.


  Solid Gold!


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