Coming Soon – I Am Your Food

I’ve been quiet lately.  Been working hard on writing songs for the screen adaptation of The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World musical, keeping my family on an even keel, and keeping myself healthy.  Oh, yeah – and the album I’ve been working on for the past 10 years or so is finally finished.  It’s a kind of all-you-can-eat buffet of songs all about one of my favorite subjects – Food.  No, these aren’t songs that are good for you.  They’re tasty.   They make you smile.  Like onions, there are a few songs that might make you cry, and yet they’re still tasty.  And while they don’t strive to be good for you, they are not bad for you.  They are nutritious.

Enough with the silly food metaphors.  Where or when can you hear this?  The release date is June 15, 2018.  But this Wednesday, May 9, Zooglobble will premiere the first video from the album, “10,000 Pancakes.”  The Radio Release for the song will happen Sunday, May 13 on KUTX’s “Spare the Rock.”  As other songs and videos ripen, I’ll be serving them via select radio and media sites, including this very website.  You can pre-order the album via Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay and etc.  If you pre-order on this website (via BandCamp), Chef Gunnar will be serving you, on the house, 3 amuse-bouche tracks not on the CD – “Sweet and Sour”, a Beatles-esque exploration of the yin and yang of life, “Butter and Cream”, a Soviet-style ode to Full Fat, and “Sweet Parade (Catholic Tastes)”, a wax cylinder of a dream from about 1922.

So keep your eye on this blog – The menu may change daily.  Make your reservations now for this musical feast.

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