Gunnar Madsen | MCMGM

Video & Animations

Music by Gunnar & MCMGM, video by Gunnar:

A Delhi-flavored pumphouse of energy and whooshing soundscapes!

IDM/EDM dance music in ecstatic and durable Ukrainian colors!

Music by MCMGM, video by Gunnar:

Percolating dance music featuring the literal streets of Sausalito


Swinging, bouncing groove from Outer Space


Pogo electronica, hi-energy IDM, nervous fizzy fun

Slow and spooky, pelicans of your mind


sweet melancholy, electric piano and strings and a Rothko vibe


Moody, funky, gruvacious IDM/Electronica from “On The Floor”


Music by markeprang, video by Gunnar:

A lava lamp for your ears


Forever piano in every corner of the Cathedral of Barcelona

If stars are flowers, this is the music they play


upside-down birds in a sideways forest greet the dawn


Songs and animations by Gunnar:







Animation by Gunnar, music by Kelli Welli: