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G-Spot Records
PO Box 11575
Berkeley, CA 94712

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G-Spot and Gee, Spot! Records are distributed nationally via:

City Hall Records
101 Glacier Point Ste.C
San Rafael, CA 94901
Tel 415-457-9080
Fax 415-457-0780
20048 NE San Rafael St.
Portland, OR 97230
ph: 800-288-2007
fx: 503-257-9061
email: sales@newsoundmusic.com
Baker & Taylor
2550 West Tyvola Road, Suite 300
Charlotte, NC 28217
Tel 800.775.1800
Fax: 704-998-3316
BWI (Book Wholesalers, Inc.)
1847 Mercer Road
Lexington, KY 40511
Tel 800 888-4478
Fax 800 888-6319
www.cityhallrecords.com www.newsoundmusic.com www.btol.com

Serving Record Stores

Serving Book, Toy & Gift Stores
Serving Libraries & Bookstores
Serving Libraries
City Hall Records has sales reps throughout the U.S. and supplies music retailers from small independent stores to the big national chains (Tower, Borders, Virgin, etc.), and they also service most one-stops (Valley, Bassin, NE Onestop, etc.). NewSound services the book, toy, gift and specialty retail markets as well as over 500 schools and libraries. Both Baker & Taylor and BWI specialize in sales to Libraries and Bookstores.


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