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Date: Fri November 21
Gunnar, it's your old 7th-8th grade teacher Cindy Costell. Always a thrill to see how you just keep getting livelier and more beautiful and wonderful. Why yes, I will buy two copies of "I'm Growing !" for my grandbabies. They will love to know that I knew you when you were (and still are) a little kid. Schmooches to you and yours !
Date: Sun November 11
Hello Mr. Madsen,
My name is Ashley and I work at a preschool in the three year old class. I went to the library one day to check out books like I always do and Old Mr. Mackle Hackle caught my eye. I didn't look through it, I just put it in my stack with the others and checked it out. When I got back to my class I read it to them. I can honestly say that was over 4 months ago and it is still their favorite book! I read it to them so much and they still love it. Out of my 10 kids, I would say 6 of them know it by heart. I was so impressed that they could read the book word for word! They are only three!! I thought it was so great I let them take turns taking it home so they could read it to there family! They loved it too! All of them went out to purchase the book for home! (Your welcome!) You would get a kick out of these kids they just walk around the room saying "Holy smokes, this book is full of chicken jokes"! Thanks for writing such a great book. I just got out the Mackle Hackle cd so now they are singing the book! If you are ever in Maryland, please let us know!
Date: Mon October 30
i'm in love with Anna too, but for me it's more like a song for goodbye...
Date: Thur June 8
Dear Gunnar, My son LOVES the Book "Old Mr. Mackle Hackle" and he can recite different parts of the book even though he is only two. When he forgets a part he asks me to do it. We discovered your book in our local library (as well as the CD) and am going to purchase them both. I have not heard the whole CD yet as we have to listen to "Old Mr. Mackle Hackle" over and over. Even my husband and I like it. Thanks for making my little guy so happy!
Date: Tue May 16 15:30
Gunnar P. Madsen (
Hi, Name Bro. I like your new CD: "Fall of Troy." - quite exiting. ---- I like the greek name of the CD. Good thinking. I know we have talkīd about music before. --- I finally did my first complete CD. --- Its calld: "The dream that became a realety," with 15 of my best numbers on it. --- But its quite different than what you do. Yur dad was from Kopenhagen I beleve you said. --- I livīd in Cleveland Ohio for 13 years. --- I was the bass player in the rock group: " The Outsiders." And we made a hit record in 1966 callīd: " Time wont let me." people still remember us and the record is still being playīd of and on. I love what you are doing. --- Quit productive I must say. --- Best of luck with the new CD. Hope it realy takes off. Best, Gunnar ( Mert) Madsen

Date: Mon Apr 24 13:42
Lisa (
I am in love with your song ANNA. I am getting married in 2 months, and I really REALLY want to walk into that song. Can I buy the sheet music? Loving fan, Lisa

Date: Thu Mar 16 19:22
Tom Madsen (
Just wasting a little time on Google and put in "MADSEN". Found your site, and wondered if your ancestors came from Minnesota, or there-- abouts. I listened to just part of your Troy 'stuff'. It sounded very good. I will save your site on my favorites. Not looking to take up a lot of your time, just interested in heritages. tom madsen down here in Texas. 3/16/2006

Date: Wed Feb 8 13:31
Sarah (
Your music is some of the most beautiful I have ever heard.

Date: Thu Feb 2 19:27
axel (
Like the music, never heard it before. Sounds great for the grandkids.

Date: Sat Dec 3 17:08
Marcy Marxer (
Hi, Gunnar, I don't know if you remember me...Cathy Fink and I played some festivals and gigs long ago where the Bobs were also on the bill. I've been a big fan of yours ever since! You are a GENIUS! Also LOVE your cut on the kids' CD "Hear and Gone"!! All the best, Marcy

Date: Wed Oct 26 11:58
ceilidhbowden (
if this is kyle murphy in misscallanan's gr6 class add me to ur msn

Date: Sun Oct 2 19:03
Jim March (
Gunnar, Although I was not able to attend the New York opening of The Shagg's, I did buy tickets and had a friend of a friend attend in my place. Here are her comments, which I thought you would appreciate: "Thanks so much for the tickets. My friend and I really enjoyed the show. They had a full house and a good audience. The cast was very good and it was a clean production. We particularly liked the music and songs in the second act."

Date: Sat Aug 13 23:38
Howard Ahner (
Howard said that he recently experiences joy when he finds a freshly laid egg from one of his Chabo. (a small sized Japanese chicken) Actually, they were killed by my neighbor's dog. I recently acquired some new "Chibi". They are doing fine in a cage. 8-14-2005

Date: Tue Aug 9 04:10
Elden Louis Steele III (
Dear Gunnar, Whereas I am no where near as musically accomplished as you are, I do consider myself a composer. I have written, recorded, and produced a string quartet; as well as a few other pieces for orchestra and small ensembles. I find your music to be totally fabulous! Thank you, thank you, thank you for being an accessible, and light-hearted, paragon! ELS3

Date: Mon Jul 11 08:19
PS (
You wrote: "I've heard of Dar (Williams)for a while now, but only recently got around to listening to this one. The opening tune, "When I Was a Boy", is the best 'explanation' of the male and female energy we all carry inside us - oh, god, that sounds way too prosaic, but it cuts to the bone for me. If there were a way of singing this song from a male perspective, I'd do it in all my concerts. The rest of the album holds up - she's a unique voice in the world!" I've got a story! I heard this song on the radio and had to pull my car over and stop I was crying so hard at the end. Fast forward 4 years: my daughter comes home from college and says "You gotta listen to these two songs." One is this one. We both cry. The other was "The Babysitter's Here." I'm writing songs again, and Dar is never far from my thoughts. mary

Date: Mon Jul 11 08:13
Mary Lafleur (
I love your stuff, and just finished reading your bio. I, too, am a singer/songwriter (and an award-winner, if that means anything). I started writing songs in 8th grade, but was convinced after 2 months that the Beatles had written all the good songs. Not so! You've written a few.... Mary

Date: Wed Jun 15 08:07
Jamie Mackle (
Why haven't you replied to my comment-there has been no Old Mr Mackle Hackle updates in the last three minutes! Yours unfaithfull James xxx

Date: Wed Jun 15 08:05
Jamie Mackle (
loved your site-hope to hear more about Old Mr Mackle Hackle Yours faithfully, James xxx

Date: Mon Jun 13 22:12
Gunnar (
Apologies to all who recently posted - while doing some housecleaning, I scrubbed the index file a little too hard and erased your lovely comments. Please, post again - I'm reading you! Love, Gunnar

Date: Sun Mar 13 17:01
the lionesses (
whoa mr mackle hackle is pretty doggone weirder deerder i luv it! and also chicken road always makes me bop my head. my little sister is in luv with the songs so now she has mr. mackle hackle and ants in my pants. in ants in my pants you sound like elvis. i luuv elvis!!!!!! whenever i hear that song "ain't nothin but a hound dog" i near about jump out of my shoes! its so exciting! oh! anyways, thanks for being who you are. u r my hero. luv, ur biggest fans, (ooops can't tell u my name. sign me The Cool Person)

Date: Mon Feb 14 23:20
Carrie (
Gunnar, Your website is really great! I'm proud to be related to you! c

Date: Wed Jan 26 10:22
Liz Stockton (
Hi, Gunnar! I found your site linked on the Shaggs musical homepage. I just wanted to let you know how much I love "Philosophy of the World" (I saw it in L.A. multiple times) and how much the music continues to haunt me. I would love it if there was somehow an original cast recording done, but I know chances are slim for that. I thought you should know that this is one of my favorite musicals of all time and I hope against hope that it someday is brought back to L.A...thank you so much! I very much hope your health has improved, too.

Date: Mon Oct 11 18:34
Sandi (
Hi there, I work with a 16 year old cerebral palsy girl named Jenny who just loves "Ants in Your Pants". She almost rocks her wheelchair over laughing so hard. She listens to it on cable satillite radio. It has a station for children --where she hears that song! Thanks for making her laugh!!!

Date: Tue Aug 17 12:53
tea spoon (email@sorry.secret):
I love your music very much. When especially "Anna" was heard, the tear did'nt stop. It was the feeling by which the heart was purified. I want to see the concert. Please come to Japan by all means. I'm sorry to be poor at English.

Date: Tue Jul 27 08:20
BK (
Gunnar "sighting": We were pleasantly suprised listening to NPR, Morning Addition, on Thursday AM to hear Anna's Song being played after a story by Anne Garrels. Cool. We love that CD and especially that song!

Date: Fri Apr 23 18:04
noah dolinajec (
hi im your nephews friend noah dolinajec and i really like your music its hilarious. one time i played rush and its so cool that you made the music. noah

Date: Fri Apr 23 18:02
kyle murphy (
hello its kyle your nephew! my friend noah is here too and we are having fun looking at your music!!! its very cool how far u have come... your bud, kyle murphy and noah dolinajec

Date: Wed Mar 17 09:07
monty brecheen (
Found you!!! I first became a BOB"S Fan watching a scratchy video of "through the wall" the BOB"S did on a PBS Broadcast. You where my wife's favorite and she would always tell me to shut up cause I tried to sing the Bass parts andn make the sounds on the album. "SHUT UP I CAN"T HEAR GUNNAR" For years we wondered where you where. Your bio tells the story pretty much. I can tell you that "Gentle in the Lamb" was a great way to start off my day. I look forward to receiving you albums. You and your family are in our prayers.

Date: Mon Feb 9 23:18
Dee Brady (
Can I add my two cents? The first grade teacher I work with plays "Ants in My Pants" in our classroom and the children love it. I have also enjoyed the CD and decided it would make a great Christmas present for some of my younger relatives. When I went to CD Baby to order "Ants in My Pants", I was pleasantly surprised to discover the lovely "Spinning World" CD. I couldn't resist also ordering several copies of that CD for some of my more mature relatives. I gave a copy of the CD to the teacher I work with, and now she sometimes plays it for our first graders during printing or journal time. The music is so beautiful and calming. I even play it for my granddaughters at nap time. I can't believe Gunnar is responsible for both CDs. What a talented guy!!!

Date: Fri Feb 6 14:08
Tina Stafford (
Gunnar, your Spinning World always puts a smile on my face when it shows up in i- tunes. I loved working with you on "Philosophy" last year in Rochacha, and am so happy for your accolades in Los Angeles. I'm not surprised! Best to you and all, I'm glad you're feeling better, Sincerely Tina P Stafford

Date: Mon Aug 18 07:59
Barbara (BAKRIZ
Gunnar, We love you and your music. You have a brilliant gift. Your music is smart, funny, and witty. We own and enjoy all of your CDs. We continually buy extra copies to give to family and friends. We love seeing the joy on kids' and parents' faces when they hear your music for the first time. Thanks so much for coming to our coast to perform. Your shows, along with the audience interaction, made us smarter about your songs. The concerts were great entertainment. Who knew that our small town could host such big talent! We hope you come back next year. p.s. We're now hooked on "the birdie" song from your "hat" CD. We wake up to it every morning. We can't wait for your next CD and your Meow song!

Date: Sat Aug 16 06:50
Mike Uram (
Have really enjoyed listening to Spinning World. I'll be waiting on your next. Thanks, Mike

Date: Wed Aug 6 11:46
Matt Mark (
We were just at your show at the Damascus library and love it! "Ants in your Pants" was our favorite! HI!

Date: Sun Aug 3 01:06
Mary Carbullido (
Gunnar, Wonderful and fun website! We'd be honored to have you as a part of our Save The Music Festival! Music has been such an important part of your life. Best, Mary

Date: Sat May 31 03:19
Dave Wohlreich (
Hey Everyone, I grew up listening to Mr. Madsen when he was still Gunnar "bob"'s wonderful that as I've grown up (sort of!) he's making ground-breaking music all the for the "young adult" part of me that can't wait to get out into that wide wonderful world...and the very scared kid who just wants to crawl into the back of my dad's old sports car, listen to the tape player playing "The Democratic Process", and fall asleep with a blanket. For all the years of music that have literally been the backdrop and shading of my life: thank you. Be well, and much love. Sincerely, Dave Wohlreich - 19 Indianapolis, IN USA

Date: Sun May 25 09:55
Margaret (
I first heard your music from watching Sex and the City and your composition, "Anna", is simply beautiful. It is one of the saddest and sweetest songs I have ever heard and it is absolutely touching. I was compelled to take a tour of your website and I spotted a few of my favorites on your reading and film favorites and I have made it a point to try the other books and movies on your list. I also went to see if you would be holding any performances in my area and to my surprise, they were all free shows at local public libraries. You and your work are truly an inspiration and I wish you all the best in everything you do.

Date: Thu May 22 16:56
herbert kids (
My son Carlson thinks "Mr. Mackle Hackle is very fun and cool. I enjoyed your CD. I borrowed it from the Gillis Library. I hope you have fun reading my Email. I performed a show for my grandparents to your T Rex song. I loved that chicken song when you go to the chicken store. I didn't use that one for my show, because I only used dinosaur songs. Here's my sister's Email." "My name is Manda and I'm three. I had a pet show after my brother had a dinosaur show.Maybe when I get big you can see me sometime. Do you do ant tricks?" I'm wondering if you ever come down to Fresno. We have lots of great shows through the Library Summer Program. It would be great to see you. Thanks for many fun laughs when seeing my little "treasures" dance and sing to your songs.. Thanks and God Bless!

Date: Sun Apr 27 18:04
Ryan Grimm (
Love "Don't shake hands with a one-eyed pirate"! Heard it on a children's show on WERS in Boston (88.9 FM), the y do their show 5-8 PM every Saturday and Sunday, and you can listen in on the Web. Some friends and I want to perform the song a the campfire this year. Can we? One of us has a squeezebox (English concertina) and is quite good with it. I look forward to hearing more of your stuff! Ryan (AKA Uncle Lumpy) Grimm

Date: Mon Feb 17 18:42
Myra and Mike (
I have just ordered and am anxiously awaiting Spinning World! I happened to be doing an online search for Waltz music looking for the perfect song for our first waltz at our wedding this June and was getting discouraged...until I came across your CD. 'Anna' was that special song we were looking for - my fiance and I fell in love with it immediately. (And so has everyone I have sent the link to so far!) Just wanted to let you know that your song is going to be a very special part of our wedding celebration in Stockholm, Sweden! Your new fans, Myra and Mike Campbell, California

Date: Tue Feb 4 13:27
Emily (
Dear Gunnar We know you have a new baby and all but we are desperate for you to sing in England. London is much warmer than Rochester in winter and we even get sun sometimes. As your devoted fans, we can no longer survive on your CD's alone. please help us, Emily Noah Sam Amos and Alice (and maybe Tim but not on Saturday mornings)

Date: Mon Dec 9 16:20
Gunnar Madsen (
I am touched and honored by all the recent comments - an invitation to sing little Oscar to sleep in his own room, an invitation to defect to the East Coast (no, I've no plans to move...yet - though Northampton is at the top of the list of places I could see myself living in!), and a thanksgiving note of thanks. There are a lot of thoughtful and good people out there - believe it! I apologize a thousand times over for the comments of the past year that got erased - I invite you all to write in again! Peace and blessings on us all, Gunnar

Date: Sun Dec 1 11:51
Kim Hicks (
Gunnar--I've heard rumor that you and your family want to leave CA--if that's true, consider relocating to Northampton, MA. Seriously...we have Berkeley refugees here.

Date: Mon Nov 25 17:40
Fred Koch from Lake Bluff, IL (
Dear Gunnar, During this week of Thanksgiving '02, I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all the wonderful music you've created for our kids! As a parent and a teacher I'm very thankful for your committment to children's music. Plus... I can't wait to hear what you come up with (from baby Quinn's inspiration) for an Infant CD project!! And........ thanks for recommending Bill Frisell's "Blues Dream" -- you are right, it is outstanding.

Date: Mon Nov 25 14:09
Oscar's Mom (
I have a 21 month son, Oscar, who loves your music (as well as Chic Street Man's and Dan Zanes'). Well, I notice that you like to play your music for children in a more intimate setting...I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming around here...say around 8:30pm, a few nights a week...his bedroom can be pretty intimate and you sure would be appreciated...we love and appreciate the fun you bring into our house. Thanks so much for helping us to stay out of the 'big purple dinosaur' box.... Oscar and his Mom

Date: Sat Mar 16 08:32
abby, katie and megan (
dear mr. mackle hackle, we really like your music, it is soooo good. our favorite songs are old mr. m-h and the tyrannosarus part of dinosaurs. we hear that you are coming to northampton for a concert and WE CAN'T WAIT! see you soon, from the stowe-thurston family

Date: Wed Dec 26 18:38
Toqui S. Terchun (
Matthias (now 3 years old), David (40 :)*, and I (38 not for very much longer) are happy as chickens since our indoctrination to Mr.Mackle Hackle 1+ years ago. Since we got the CD near Christmas time we always skip by "Summertime..." and get right to the chickens. Who knew there were so many chicken-type things in our universe? I like the suggestions for the Christmas CD...How 'bout it, Gunnar? And, by the way, David commented postively on 'Aunt' Mackle Hackle. If you ever write to us just ask him about the green sequin(sp?) dress...He'll know! Thanks for the humor. Keep it coming, please.

Date: Fri Dec 14 12:12
Well it is christmas time. I know how busy Gunnar is these days but I want him to do a Christmas album. WOW what do you think? Maybe some cover tunes and some new ones with his wit and fun outlook on life I can almost hear it now. The other nite I wanted to hear Gunnar, so we went through our many cd's (all of them) and came up with one of our old favorites Spinning world, The last time I had listened to it was at our wedding reception, what a wonderful CD and a nice piece to listen to while having dinner. merry christmas all maybe next christmas we will all get our wish a new Gunnar christmas album

Date: Mon Oct 29 08:37
Beth from Portland (
Gunnar remembers what it was like to be a kid better than any grownup I know. Any "children's performer" who has enough wit to entertain boys at age 10 (my son and his friends) is a genius. Keep those songs coming!

Date: Mon Oct 22 06:19
Joe Paulino (
When I grow up, I want to be as talented, versatile and crazy as Gunnar Madsen. Joe Paulino, age 45.

Date: Fri Oct 19 10:34
Sam, Amos, Alice, Noah and Emily (
"We think Old Mr Mackle Hackle has a good twist," says Noah aged 7. "We think you should make a song called the Cow Rattle." "I think you should write a song called The Horrendous Hullabaloo," says Sam nearly 6. "My favorite song is the Tiny Mosquito (resprise. My sister Alice and I listen to it 20 times in a row." Amos 4. "We keep chickens and love the plight of Mackle Hackles'chicken," says Alice 2. "Do you ever come to London, England. Noone writes songs like you do in this neck of the woods. In fact doesn't sell your other albums. We hope you new one will be within reach. And just so you know, we try to live the Evelyn way." Emily 35

Date: Thu Oct 11 14:12
Stuart Schulman (stuart@alumni.princeton.eduu):
Well, who can resist the temptation to be the first to comment? :-) Great site, great music. Looking forward to the new two-year-old enjoys Mr. Mackle Hackle..can't wait to welcome her to your fog.

Date: Sat Oct 6 10:02
Gunnar Madsen (
Welcome to my brand new guestbook! Please, make yourself at home. Peace, Gunnar