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Two Hands

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"Two Hands is an incredible musical experience."
Two Hands Cover

One winter a few years ago I got a case of pneumonia.

In the early weeks of recovery my sole comfort was to noodle at the piano for short stretches. A few minutes of improvisation, then back to bed. I recorded these pieces on a pocket voice recorder, and later transcribed the ones that caught my fancy. I added them to a folio of instrumental pieces that I meant to record someday, and put them on a shelf.

Then last autumn the folio tugged at me for attention. I began playing through it, and liked many of the pieces. It got me in a mood, and I wrote a few more pieces. I began to rehearse them on my grandmother’s old 1927 Knabe, the piano I’ve composed nearly all my music on. It’s a good friend. But these pieces needed to be recorded on a better piano.

With the help of many people (including a local private studio that allowed me to practice for weeks on their gorgeous Steingraeber), I found the piano for this recording. The minute I sat down on the scoring stage at Skywalker Sound and played their Yamaha concert grand I was in love. The piano, the hall, the total environment was a dream come true. The spirit of the sessions blossomed further when Irene Sazer joined us with her violin. We recorded 18 pieces over the course of 2 days. Much of what you hear are single takes, unedited.

While I hope I never get pneumonia again, the ethereal state it put me in stripped my music down to simple essences, and let me see beauty where before I might have rushed by it.
I’m thankful for that.

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Nominee - Best Album (New Age)

"Stand this album in a row with the best samples of the famous Windham Hill Records."

"By far the best instrumental piano album to cross this desk this year....avoiding classifications such as classical, pop or new age by transcending them all."
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Recording "Nino and Me"

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