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I'm Growing
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1. I'm Growing
2. Pumpkin Hair
3. Walkin' Back to Texas
4. Sun Comes Up
5. Mozart's at the Window (40th Symphony)
6. Cutest Little Guy
7. Best in the West
8. Always on the Bottom
9. Simple
10.There's a Bowl of Milk in the Moonlight
11. I Feel a Waltz Coming On
12. Library Party
13. Raise Your Voices

14. Tonight
15. Shenandoah


• NPR's Top Ten CDs of 2008 (for Families)
• 2008 Parent's Choice Gold Award
• 2008 NAPPA Gold Award

"Different from any other children's album out there, and all the better for it." New York Post

"I'm Growing has to be the most inventive, unique children's music CD of the year. Brilliant arrangements and performances. Period." KidsMusicThatRocks

"I’m Growing is his best to date, with off-the-wall lyrics and expert, wildly varied vocal and instrumental textures."
Los Angeles Times

"I’m Growing is simply a brilliant album.” WXPN

“An outstandingly witty CD... Remarkable and Amazing!”
A to Z Kids Stuff

"He displays the far-reaching musicality of David Byrne to the lyrical zaniness of Monty Python’s Eric Idle. This is exhilarating music that never sounds the same with each listen. It’s the best work yet from a true family-music innovator"

updated: 7/26/11 10:57 AM